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Mothra... can I go out and kill tonight? - "If You're Bored Of the Planet Earth" [Bottled Whispers |Engage Time Machine |Channeled Spirits|Magick Mirror]
Jack Babalon

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Mothra... can I go out and kill tonight? [Jan. 18th, 2006|02:30 pm]
Jack Babalon
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While doing some very important medical research here at the job I came across this startling fact on wikipedia.com: "...a 1992 survey revealed that Mothra was Toho's most popular daikaiju* among women, an observation which inspired Toho to abandon its plans for a second Ghidorah film (to follow Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah) in favor of a Mothra feature."
Holy shit! This makes Mothra the Tori Amos of giant monsters and I began wondering why that was.
At first I figured chicks just dig Lepidopteras in general, and maybe 15,000 plus ton Lepidopteras in paticular. Maybe it's a cultural thing. What else speaks of the growing struggle of Japanese womans empowerment than a giant fucking butterfly, one who can level entire cities with bolts of lightning generated from her massive wings and also has a pendacity for hanging out with two five inch tall telepathic priestesses that sing it's name over and over again? Hell why you asking me i'm single! Well let's get some Mothra facts (from the wonderful http://www.parlorcity.com/awinterrowd/kaiju/gallery/index.htm ) and i'll let you cats decide for yourself.
Mothra Fact #1: Mothra is the guardian deity of an ancient race of itsy bitsy humans, named the Cosmos. This race was wiped out most likely for their annoying habit of singing "Mooo-thra" over and over again.

We are Mothra people if you please... we are Mothra people if you don't please...
Mothra Fact #2: There are three stages of Mothra: Egg, Larval and lightning shooting butterfly!

Awww look at the pretty butterfly... ready to destroy us all!!! Ayiiiiii....
Mothra Fact #3: Godzilla is not the arch nemesis of Mothra. This is a common misconception based on such hit films as Mothra vs Godzilla(1961) and Godzilla vs Mothra(1992). Mothra's arch enemy is in fact Battra, who is basically a big ass dragon with butterfly wings. Battra is who we have to thank for the decimation of the tiny Cosmos race just mentioned. Bonus!!!

With it's ability to disguise itself as a plastic toy, Battra is one of the deadliest of the daikaiju's.
Mothra Fact #4: In her larval stage, the Mothra diet consists primarily of national monuments.

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Giant Caterpillar devours France, wins the Congressional medal of honor!
Mothra Fact #5:Mothra has a wingspan of 250 meters! That's almost as long as 230 Tom Cruise's laying head to toe in one very long line!

Look out Oprah... it's Mothra!!!

...Hmmmm well i'm no closer to explaining Mothra's wide spread appeal to members of the opposite sex (unless you're a woman reading this- then it's member of the parallel sex). Maybe it's a biological imperative, like childbearing and avoiding movies with Ben Affleck in them? Maybe it's that deep down inside we all want to destroy Tokyo at the command of a five inch tall singing duet of telepaths? Maybe... just maybe I should get back to work now? But before I go, I will leave you the link to listen to some of Mothra's greatest hits.

Theme song:
Singing telepaths that are only a few inches tall: http://www.parlorcity.com/awinterrowd/kaiju/gallery/mothra5.au
The Mothra Mating Call:

*-Giant Monster to us gaijans.