March 26th, 2020

3 Faces of Jack


Astral travel is real and with Terminus under quarantine it's the only way for a freelance mage to hustle up a buck in the gig economy. Control wants its outside consultants both on the job and properly engaged in the arts of social distancing. Which means all assignments are to be conducted strictly through the astral frequencies. The thing is, with a global pandemic going down, those frequencies are infested with the collective psychic dread of a population one meme away from using the social contract for shit tickets. 

What was once a simple jaunt across the frequencies is now a game of Dungeons & Dragons if your therapist had invented all of the monsters instead of Gary Gygax. 

Here, roll a six sided die.  

1-2: Nightmare Elementals. These are lumbering psychic juggernauts, stitched out of bad dreams, that have escaped the sleep realms to feed upon those wandering the astral frequencies. 

3-4: Sentient Suicide-Plagues. Fast breeding psi-viruses that incubate through isolation and the Internet to telepathically broadcast 24-7 self-hate speech in your own voice. 

5-6: Rage Parasites. Spectral hentai lampreys with flames for teeth that sink into the thoughts draining the host of memory and love while inducing an artificial sense of invulnerability. 

Fear. Depression. Anger. 

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